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Design shapes experiences, and at the heart of memorable experiences you’ll find brilliant design. As brand touchpoints multiply, the importance of design grows by the day. Design that is consistent, resonates with your brand values and is lovely to look at. Across our portfolio of design services for digital, printed and more, Gulp Creative brings brilliance. And that reflects well on everybody.


As design challenges go, websites can be amongst the toughest. It’s where technology, user experience and brand ambitions converge.


So before we write a line of code we’ll take the time to understand what everyone wants and needs from your new site. We’ll also talk to you about the different ways we can use design and technology to exceed your expectations.


Responsive sites are a must. We’ll ensure your website looks beautiful across all devices from mobile to tablet to desktop. Websites are created to meet many needs. From product showcases to booking portals and online shops, we have experience with them all. And of course we develop sites to meet SEO best practice.


You can choose to update and run your new site from wherever you are using a straightforward content management system, or choose Gulp to maintain your web presence with a simple monthly subscription plan.

Design for social

Brilliantly crafted content with the right hooks to engage and be shared isn’t easy. But a combination of customer insight and flawless execution will give you a better chance than most.


Insight is at the heart of Gulp’s work in this area (as it is in many others), but we’re not prescriptive about where this comes from. As the experts in their field, our clients often bring that spark of an idea to the table. On other occasions we find it in the analytics. We’ll return to the data again as we plan how to reach your target audiences.


Flawless execution means just that: we design beautiful, effective digital assets that you’ll be proud to share. From animations to infographics we’ll capture the essence of the idea, and make it oh-so-watchable.


And if email marketing is part of your CRM armoury, Gulp designs and builds bespoke email templates for all the major marketing platforms. Reuse and update them as often as you like to drive the maximum value from your CRM programme.

Design for print

When it’s done right, print can be a highly valued, tangible and creative expression of your brand. Doing it right is what Tunbridge Wells based Gulp is all about. Words and images brought together in a fresh, original design. Print production values of the highest quality.


The use of bespoke materials and finishes that whisper quality, from foil blocking to case binding. We could go on…


Signature print commissions like these are popular briefs – everyone at Gulp loves working on them! But hard-working marketing collateral such as brochures, manuals, print advertising, packaging, annual reports and mailshots get just as much care and attention, simply because that’s the way we work.


A brandmark is an immensely powerful concept. It has the power to underpin (or undermine) every customer experience. Little wonder that at Gulp Creative, we treat briefs for new logos and branding with the gravity they deserve. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your customers and your ambitions.


Only then will we develop a confident, striking brand that works across all media and embody your company or your product. Our projects cover logo development, identity guidelines and brand manifestos. We’ll help you to help others to understand your vision, the brand itself and how it should be presented to the world.

Animation + illustration

Used wisely, animation can bring an abstract concept to life and a smile to your face. Gulp’s expert animators will storyboard your animation and work with you throughout the process. Whether the end result is simple text movement or a whiteboard animation, or 3D character design and development, the result will tell your story as you’d like it to be told.


When something with a little more individuality is required, we’ll often turn to illustration. Illustrations can communicate in ways that are just not possible by other means, offering warmth and personality. The execution will vary, from a character to illustrate a children’s medical advice book or a persona in a corporate animation. It’s pure story-telling, but we’ll only use the metaphors and creative parallels that are right for your company.

Video + Photography

Why not make a film, show the world what you do rather than simply writing about it? Video can be incredibly engaging and working with you to understand your objectives, we can make something truly great for you, to post on your site for the world to see. Our highly skilled team covers production management through to studio editors so that the end result is always highly polished and something for you to be proud of.


Bespoke photoshoots are a fantastic way to uniquely show off what you do. Our photographers each specialise in their own area. We take great pride in matching their skills to your project, whether that’s food, people, architecture or something else entirely, we’ll create stunning images for use throughout your website, advertising campaign or brochure.


There’s something uniquely satisfying about a well-executed exhibition stand, whatever the industry. From the smallest off-the-shelf set design to bespoke corporate installations with interactive screens, cars and more, we’ve designed and built them all.


Choose Gulp for a turnkey solution, too: we’ll liaise with event organisers and health and safety, and negotiate with third-party suppliers. Your role is to approve the 3D renders of your design, and turn up on the day for the big reveal. Simple, cost-effective and stress-free.


From football boxes to store fronts, sports centres to 20m long walls, Gulp Creative’s work can be seen around the UK. We can arrange joint site visits where we’ll discuss the brief and suggest the best materials for the job. Our long-standing relationships with quality sign fitters mean we achieve outstanding results on time and on budget.


Not every picture tells a thousand words. Sometimes you’ll need a few extra, and we’ll make sure they’re well chosen. From arresting ad copy to witty social captions, Gulp writers will use a direct and authentic tone of voice that marries perfectly with your brand values.

And as with the use of your branding, we can help your staff to bring that consistency and quality of presentation to everything they do through comprehensive copy guidelines.

Marketing Strategy

If budgets were limitless, we wouldn’t offer this service and our clients wouldn’t use it. But they’re not, and they do. Gulp ensures that every marketing pound spent delivers the maximum reach and engagement. We’ll meticulously plan and project manage the delivery of your design projects. We can track and measure its impact too, evaluating just how far your money has gone.


Because the success of your project matters as much to us as it does to you.