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Select Technology Brochure

Select Technology came to us with a colour palette, a logo, a recently completed website and a need for a brochure. Gulp designed the brochure and the concept behind it to sit with the existing collateral.

The concept, a ‘network person’. It’s used in it’s entirety on the front and fragmented throughout the pages to add energy. Our copywriter worked some magic on the text delivering a concise and information-packed read for anyone needing more details. We also introduced section related icons in-keeping with guidelines.

As part of our work on the brochure, a clever play on words led to Select Technology asking us to provide a subtle evolution to their logo: We refined the roundel and adjusted the balance of the logotype to introduce the strapline “without compromise”. For anyone with an eagle eye, you’ll notice we’ve emboldened the IT and PROMISE parts within the strapline to provide a little feel-good factor for whenever anyone spots this little gem. Without Compromise is their I.T. Promise.

Digitally printed and delivered in time to meet their exhibition deadline we also provided a digital version for website download.

Having spent around 18 months in troubled waters trying to find the perfect creative partner we resided to the fact that maybe we were asking too much!
As a technology company we came to the conclusion that nobody gets us and to accept the fact that we were different, that was until we met Nic at Gulp Creative, our first meeting was warm and friendly at Gulp’s lovely open plan office in Tunbridge Wells.

We were blown away by the second meeting where Nic made a presentation at our office and demonstrated his knowledge and experience. It was almost as if Gulp had known us for years. In a nutshell Nic just gets us and his work is outstanding, he made everything painless and easy. So as far as we are concerned, we have now found that perfect partner and would highly recommenced Nic and his team.

Select Technology